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About this FEB

The FEB of Metropolitan Northern NJ is made up of approximately 80 heads of Federal agencies in the twelve (12) northern counties of New Jersey. It receives direction and policy guidance from the Office of Personnel Management.

It provides a forum for principal Federal officials to get personally acquainted with one another, to share experiences, knowledge, and if need be, personnel and equipment.

Excellent communications have been established between the Board and Washington so that field executives can learn quickly of nation objectives which have presidential interest. Some of our current objectives include, Emergency Preparedness, Security and Employee Safety, Human Capital Readiness, Combined Federal Campaign, Awards Program, and Community Relations.

Board Leadership


Dorisse Shakir-Ullah


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Vice Chairperson

Thomas Carter


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John Thompson

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Executive Director

Quanla Owens


Events Calendar

There are no events planned for this FEB location.