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Committees & Councils

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Committee

This committee will help to promote ADR as a cost-effective means of resolving disagreements in the workplace. The current Interagency ADR Consortium will be strengthened and training needs will be identified and addressed.

  • Lisa Schwartz, Committee Chair
  • Employing Agency: Office of Surface Mining

Emergency Decision and Notification Committee

This interagency committee deals primarily with hazardous weather conditions affecting Federal agencies in the Pittsburgh area. When an emergency condition develops, the committee convenes and reaches a consensus on an appropriate recommendation that is communicated to Federal agencies and the public.

  • Tamara Ivosevic Perconte, Committee Chair
  • Federal Executive Board

Emergency Preparedness and Continuity of Operations Committee

This Committee will share information and sponsor programs to assist Federal agencies in being prepared for emergencies. Some areas of consideration will be COOP training, crisis communications, and table topic exercises. This committee is advised by FEMA and is comprised of civilian, military, law enforcement, and postal employees.

  • Tamara Ivosevic Perconte, Committee Chair.
  • Federal Executive Board

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The primary objective is to serve as a resource for Federal Managers and staff in implementing EEO programs designed to improve the participation of minorities, women and handicapped in all levels of employment in the Federal sector.

  • Louise Walker-Sostre, Committee Chair
  • Employing Agency: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Excellence in Government Awards Program Committee

This committee plans and promotes an annual Excellence in Government Awards Program that recognizes the accomplishments and contributions of Federal employees in 22 different award categories.

  • Colonel John P. Lloyd, Committee Chair
  • Employing Agency: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Health and Wellness Committee

The primary objective is to provide free or low-cost programs to address the Health and Wellness needs of Federal Employees.

  • Linda Reed, Committee Chair
  • Employing Agency: Internal Revenue Service